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It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays. From small start-ups to national companies, everyone has something to say – and they’re saying it online every day in corporate blogs. If you’re thinking blogging is just a trend, think again. Businesses get a lot out of blogging–and it’s not going away any time soon. If you’re considering jumping on the blogging bandwagon, here are a few reasons why you should.

Play a fair game. Spamming should not be your choice. Spam are easily recognized today and the industry, message boards and even search engines hate them.

I suggest doing a search for blog networks and pinging. You also need to have quality content posted 3 times a week or more to keep a flow of traffic. Be sure to add your blogs RSS feeds to directories as well.

Many blog gers find that postings under 200 words are the most effective. Most online users skim content. RSS postings or web pages with too much content can overwhelm the reader and cause them to become uncomfortable or lose interest in your blog.

It took less than a month. I didn’t get any guidance. I did, however, get constructive criticism from other writers on Authonomy, Slushpilereader, and Nightreading. That helped a lot.

I am not suggesting that you not have your own website, I am saying you can get started without have one right now. Too often you can waste too much valuable time trying to get everything perfect, and as a result nothing gets done. You become over loaded with information and ideas. If you get going and learn as you go, you can use the trial and error technique.

These were the confusing days of RSS, but finally in 2002, things got together with RSS 2.0, and Dave Winer’s definition of RSS 2.0. He released ownership over RSS, (one of the good guys – kudos Dave), and gave it to the Berkman Center .

Pay attention to web pages, package designs, and promotional materials created by someone else. Follow design trends. Think about what works and what doesn’t.

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