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These fun and free preschool and kindergarten lesson plans for Halloween are centered around the beloved “Spookley” from one of our favorite Halloween books, The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Triano and illustrated by Susan Banta.

For the most part, trying to guess what is going to make it big is a fool’s errand. Tracks that you think can’t miss just die in the dust, and other matokeo ya form four will become lodged on the airwaves and in the public conscious. Sometimes, however, along comes a band with a tune, a video, a look that absolutely cannot fail.

It was just an amazing, wonderful, magnificent, stupendous coming together of the United Nations/UNESCO and the Thelonious Monk Institute all coming out and standing up to cheer for the importance of jazz as a way of making bridges. Jazz has been that since the 20s with Louis Armstrong and his gang, and before him guys who were amjazzadors…I like that word amjazzadors.

My father always told his children, friends and anyone else who will listen that the past truly matters. You may not agree with this, but my dad was just being realistic. I agree with my father and I also believe that we mold our characters via our actions. You are what you do in a way. Now, remember that I’m not necessarily addressing careers, but rather routine choices and actions. The past can always come back to bite a person in the butt in my experience.

He released the highly anticipated “BAD” in 1987 and started the Bad World Tour in the same year and grossed 125 million dollars. In 1993, he was accused of child sexual abuse by a 13-year-old boy, named Jordan Chandler and father Evan Chandler. By the fall of the same year, he got addicted to drugs and went into drug rehabilitation for several months.

Well so much for a mellow workday. It’s Wednesday and the drive home is where I pick back up, not that I’ve been at work for the whole time but…on with the review.

If you plan on staying in a hotel, then get a room as soon as possible. Any hotel within 15 miles of the festival venue is virtually guaranteed to be completely sold out the night(s) of the festival. Many festivals also offer camping grounds or allow you to stay on premise, so explore all the options first.

Accommodations – Some of the most successful adult Halloween parties ever held took place where the accommodations allowed you to have at least two separate main areas. One where your guest can party and make all the noise they feel like. The other main area would be where anyone can share a drink and hold a conversation if so desired.

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