Financial Case Management – Why It Is Important To Build A Wealth

Although media relations is not all there is to PR, it is a darned good, low cost way to spread the word. So here are a few media contacts to help you out.

All of these events are now factual events of history…and if you missed out, then that is your fault. Well maybe it’s your money management company or some clown on any of a number stupid “Business TV” news shows and networks. Pick one their all terrible.

The 1 yr Treasury Bills are yielding a massive .16% for 12 months. Wow just think your “Big” over priced Vermoegensverwalter company in Beverly Hills or New York has your money tied up because you were willing to accept the excuse that “you” don’t have choice. There is nothing else that has the safety and security of a stable government and a strong currency. No this story is the biggest lie in recent history !

Somehow I don’t think that slogan would drum up much business. So the global investment houses, just like McDonalds and just like Nike, have figured out a way to sell you something else instead. Because they are not interested in trying to earn more than 6% to 10% a year for you, and this concept could never be sold as a dream, they sell you trust, and in the case of a post 9-11 America, sometimes even shamelessly sell national pride. Just look at some of the slogans they have used.

Ted is 50 years old and his dream is to have a nest egg big enough to allow him and his wife, Darlene, to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. They would like to retire as soon as they can and pursue their dream of being missionaries. Proper planning determines they need $750,000 to live their dream. They’ve worked hard, sacrificed to build up their retirement savings and have accumulated $375,000 already.

Of course, not all loan or own investments are created equal. Within each category, there are many choices available, some better than others. And you will want to further diversify within each category. But understanding the basics of loaning versus owning will help you know where to start.

This ‘estate planner’ wasn’t an estate planner at all. She was an insurance agent using that title to sound more qualified. She had convinced Mom that the equity-indexed annuity was the answer to all of her problems and Mom was ready to invest.

As a smart investor you can have a re-look at your portfolio and shun the non performing assets for better bargains. There are a heap of certified financial planners available to you too. You can thus, take out the weeds in your investments and plant fresh saplings with a promise.

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