Air Dry Clay Creative Art To Do With Kids For Valentines Day

Balloons just have a way of bringing a smile to your face. They can come in many shapes and sizes. There are teeny, tiny balloons that we fill with water and throw at each other and there are the helium-filled ones that we love to tie to our wrists and carry around with us all day at the zoo. Who doesn’t have favorite childhood memories of neighborhood water fights and throwing water balloons at your brothers, sisters and friends? Or what about the old birthday party game when you had to sit on an inflated balloon to make it pop? Those were the good old days, right? These memory making toys don’t have to be a thing of the past though.

I decided to start the article with the most famous love poet of all time Shakespeare. These are three of my favorite Shakespeare quotes and valentines day quotes for him.

All of the things above can be exhausting for some mothers. So I suggest a family night to watch movies. A bonding time. Wear your pajamas early and wrap up in a nice big blanket. Build a tent and make up funny stories. Do something that will bring a closeness to your family. Make some popcorn, or kettle corn. Play a card game or board game. You can always go out to see a family movie together. Whatever, it takes to show Valentine Day love. Appreciate one another.

I also have some cute little Teddy Bear shopping bags I put their purchases in and not just plain old white shopping bags that come from the grocery store. Using these are alright but I prefer to give my customers that little extra something special. Everyone has commented on how cute they are. I have found out that these little touches brings back repeat customers.

Going out to the movies can be a great way for friends to spend Valentine’s Day. Going to movies is not one of the most popular activities on Valentine’s Day so you will likely not have to worry about long lines or shows being sold out. If couples do choose to go to the movies, they are likely to flock to romantic movies so you and your friend can avoid the crowds by choosing a comedy or a science fiction movie you have been wanting to see.

For your setting cover the table with a red cloth. Turn down the lights and use lots of red candles. Cover the table with tiny black heart shaped cut outs and sprinkle with a little glitter. When he is seated serve fresh, hot pizza with lots of red sauce and more red wine. Have back ground music playing such as a CD of “Buffy, Once More With Feeling The Musical.” The setting will be perfect to start your evening off with a bang. After dinner serve desert of strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce. Make sure you name all the body parts the chocolate sauce could over later for a magical sweet treat.

Mix up a batch of Rice Krispie squares but instead of using a pan, mould the rice cereal mixture with the aid of funnel coated with butter or margarine. Depending on the size of funnel used you should be able to make between six and twelve Rice Krispie kisses. To resemble a Hershey’s Kiss, wrap in foil and insert a little note that sticks out a little from the top.

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get this extraordinary gift, instead you can purchase an affordable one from some online gift stores. Even a small sized heart of roses and a little teddy can do the magic for you. So, go ahead and gift your valentine the most special gift on this valentines day.

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