Top Men’s Fashion Accessories

Just like the fit of your shirt and trousers, the hues of your outfit matters a lot to make a statement. Color coordination plays an important role in how you look. There are some basic color rules in men’s clothing that should be followed by all gentlemen to maintain their style quotient. While you’re building your wardrobe, choose the right shades with your outfits to flaunt a flawless look at work, casual outings, or any other occasion. Nice clothing with wrong color combinations would make you look boring. Whether you’re wearing a work-wear or casual outfit, you must mix and match hues properly to look stylish always.

Also known as a tie bar, this accessory can add a touch of easy elegance to your more formal attire. There are plenty of designs out there, from classic solid silver to fun patterns. Decide what message you want to convey–dashing and professional, or more along the lines of casually polished? From there choose your perfect clip.

(4) Cuff Links: Many men assume cuff links are for formal wear only, however, this is not the case. Cuff links add a touch of class and many European businessmen wear them regularly. Some men complain about the difficulty of using cuff links, but a little practice can make you a pro. A great option, look for shirts with “convertible cuffs”, which means they can be buttoned or worn with cuff links.

Accessories factor in heavily in the style vs. dandy factor: Picture the top hat and cane of past movie actors – looked great on them, but now? No you’d say, unless you were an English barrister. Nobody wears an ascot, but tell that to the yacht owner on the Rivera. Even simpler details such as poufed bow tie, jewelry, tie tacks or bars, hats, caps etc. add great elements of style but may lead a man to wonder if he is overdone.

Organize and categorize – Once you’ve determined your foundation colors for your wardrobe, you can organize and categorize your clothing for easy selection and wearing. Hang jackets by sleeve length, color and garment length, or combined with matching pieces to create ready-made outfits. Keep similar fabric weights close together to avoid putting a heavy wool jacket over a lightweight chiffon or silk skirt. Put mix-and-match items near their foundation counterparts for easier selection. Move items that need cleaning to a specific area for easy pick up and removal.

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The pocket square is however a trend that requires proper care and maintenance. The care instructions for silk and linen are different. The pocket squares require dry cleaning only and are not to be ironed directly. It should be kept in mind that the linen pocket squares are not to be tumbled dry. It is highly important to take care of your pochette in accordance with these care instructions. These when folded in a proper style make a great fashion statement for men. This new trend is fashionable along with being quite simple and gives a balanced elegant look.

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