Save Your Failing Marriage From Burning Out

Join Christian Day and the Witches from Salem in celebration of the Witches’ New Year. Special guests Fiona Horne, Dragon Ritual Drummers, and The Gypsy Nomads will help you along this mystical journey and Dark Euphoria will invite you to witness a ritual of the tribal Goddess dance. Our friend dj addambombb will be spinning his haunting tunes for your dancing pleasure.

But you will find the trio diligently plugging away in New Year’s Eve (Rated PG-13, Warner Bros., $14.99-$22.99 depending on version and format, 2.5 of 5 stars). The film was released Tuesday. It’s Marshall’s latest attempt at tying together sentimentality, comedy and pune call girls into a satisfying package.

Alice felt pain shoot through her leg. She still got up and grabbed her children’s hands. She limped with their help. She and the children crawled into a hole in the plywood under the front porch of the house. They were right under the front porch steps. Alice heard only herself and the children breathing. Suddenly, she heard the killer’s boots on the front porch. Then, she saw his boots stepping down the porch steps. She saw his boots on the snow while blood ran down his boots onto the white snow. The killer reached down with one hand and grabbed Alice by the hair…

Scott: I remember going home often feeling like I had been bullied, because there was this scene where they’re making fun of my character, and we shot it over and over, all day. I went home and I go, “I gotta call my mom. What’s going on here? Why am I so sad?” I guess that’s what real acting is like. But it was a ball for me.

Bottom line, divorce in itself is difficult enough. Dating is your lifeline from the black cloud of yuck that looms over us after divorce. Yet for me to tell you to just get out there and date is the equivalent of you sitting still in a herd of hyenas with meat packs on. You are likely to get crushed. Instead, let’s create something much different for you.

Alice dropped her purse and ran frantically upstairs. The killer was behind her. She ran as she called out her children’s names. She got to her eleven-year-old son’s bedroom. He was asleep in his bed. She grabbed her son by the arm and pulled him out of bed. They ran down the hallway as the killer rummaged through the parents bedroom looking for jewelry or money.

A breakup is a very traumatic time for any couple. There is hope however, if you approach this in a mature, loving and caring way. There are plenty of relationships that have prospered when all hope seemed lost. There is one thing that does this and that is love. If you really love your partner, don’t let it slip away because of a silly disagreement. Learn from the experience and move on. Your love story deserves this and hopefully, one day you will be able to tell your children and their children what a wonderful journey you have shared with the love of your life.

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