How To Attract More Readers To Your Mom Blog

Have you noticed the large number of Mommy Blogs that are growing in popularity every day? You can find opinion blogs, recipe blogs, coupon blogs, craft blogs, and so many more. In fact, moms are blogging about almost any topic you can think of these days, and they are gathering quite a following!

2 Money goes into prizes rather than advertising. Mom bloggers jump on the chance to host good contests. Most of the time, the bloggers do not even expect to be compensated for publicizing the contests because the bloggers themselves get a great deal of traffic out of the giveaways. As a result, the contest sponsors can put more money into the prizes, making them more desirable.

If your not moving home by choice it will be more difficult for you, try to keep your head up and be positive. Don’t dwell on it, but do prepare yourself. Try to remember their doing you a favor, especially if you’ll be living there rent free. If you’ll be paying rent make sure there are some type of boundaries and you have personal space.

Think about your Facebook friends and comments that happen. They are often the result of connectability. After I posted that we were going to Bradley University to check it out for my daughter, one of my Facebook friends whom I have not seen in 12 years, commented that two of their kids are at Bradley. Now we are chatting back and forth about Bradley. We suddenly had a new connection.

Dooce by Heather Armstrong is one of the most popular peuterbedden around. Heather Armstrong was once fired from a job for her blog writing (she was “dooced), and she later wrote a vivid account of her post partum depression which she turned into a book, It Sucked and Then I Cried. She was once a Mormon, she is at times controversial, and Dooce is very popular to read.

There’s nothing moms like more than getting free stuff they can actually use. As a mom yourself you probably have or know people who would be willing to donate prizes to a contest or giveaway on your blog. Think of something fun and create or do a random drawing from those who post comments. Get creative and come up with something other moms would be happy to enter and happier to tell their friends about.

One final word about contests on mom blogs is that you can usually tell the legitimacy of the contest by the reputation of the blog and who is sponsoring the contest. Even if you enter contest after contest and only win now and again, the ease of entry and variety of prizes can be worth the effort.

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