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If you happen to be a savvy online entrepreneur, you already know the power of using a solid redirect and link cloaking software to help you maximize your affiliate commission payouts. But what most people don’t realize is that there is so much more you can do with the right software than just cloak an affiliate link.

It’s good manners to follow up on responses to your comments. If the blog has an option to be notified when comments are left on the blog, then select it. If it doesn’t then you may need to bookmark the post and return to it to see if anyone has responded to your comments.

As you raise your visibility in the blogosphere, you will begin to attract comments from other people. Here are a few tips for moderating your own comments to maintain a blog that is welcoming to everyone.

Mer information has an admin panel that is very user friendly and you should be able to select themes (from a huge variety), change layout, rename categories, etc with ease. Spend some time customising your blog here, you can also add custom widgets to include further functionality.

I WordPress blogs waited thinking he’d venture a time. He said nothing. There was an awkward silence. This was where I was supposed to have said: “Does 2” or something assertive like that.

Spam has become a problem with many of these blogging systems, I now usually block all comments or moderate them. All this spam just goes to show how effective getting links in related blogs can booster your rankings for competitive keywords.

If you want to change to another web host, you will find moving your posts from a hosted site to involve a long list of mysterious incantations and rituals at best, and a ton of time-consuming and soul-deadening copy and paste at worst. If you go with a self-hosted site, it’s just a matter of copying a database file and moving it to the next site. And many ISPs will do that for you at no charge to get your business.

26.Sell tools and useful items to myspace users like templates, layouts, and backgrounds. Too many marketers try to spam this service which is against their tos, so just build real friends and sell them cheap items that they can use on myspace, easy money! Make money on myspace by selling users things that they can use while they are on myspace.

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