Can I Use WordPress For Advertising Copy?

Here’s a story for you: I received a call late on Monday afternoon for a job I’d applied for cold-(without a contact or referral). The man introduced himself (I’ll call him M), he explained the position, the company. M spokelikethis. Likeamachine gun.

When I first started WordPress blogs looking at online money making I wanted to know how to make money quick and how to make money easy. There is a lot of junk on the internet however, and my first piece of advice is to do your research on the product or company you want to work with to eliminate the scams. If someone is offering a “get rich quick” scheme, I would be wary of their offer. In order to make money quick and make money easy you need to know how to make money with Google advertising and how to use web 2.0 properties and how to create landing pages.

First of all your WordPress blog is no follow by default. This is for the obvious reason, spam. But has it really stopped your blog from being spammed? Originally it was thought that spammers would leave blogs alone if they all switched to no follow, this removing any backlink qualities from spam. It has recently become quite apparent that this approach has not worked, however. In fact running no follow on your blog may actually hurt you as it prevents people from posting comments because they get nothing out if it.

The interactive nature of a Mer information blog helps communication between you and your customers. You can explain to your customers the benefits of your products and your customers can tell you what they like and even dislike about your stuff and service. A dialogue is opened.

Making money in as little as a day takes a little more prep. For instance, I created a product that I sold myself. I collected money myself through Paypal. That way, I didn’t wait on a merchant to pay me. I was paid instantly when someone bought my product. How long did that take to prepare?

Popular free blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger and Typepad. I personally use and recommend WordPress as they are quick and easy to use with heaps of cool hop-ups for them such as themes and plug ins to help improve search engine rank and visitor-friendlyness.

To get your site up quickly and easily, you should use a website template as a starting point. You can modify the template right within the tool itself. To help you with the design, you can check some successful online stores to get an idea on how you can make your site look better. Make sure you do not place too many banner ads since these could distract some site users. Instead of clicking your ad, they might just leave your site and go look for other interesting websites.

Yes, if you happen to find the right free theme. However, even if you go with a premium theme, which generally costs less than $100, you’re not that far off a free lunch for a great website.

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