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I truly believe in self-powered martial arts training and what you do at home can drastically effect your future outcome. I attribute my success in the martial arts to this attitude of eat-drink-sleep the martial arts. Yes, you can still have a life – but if you want to get the most out of any program and are just getting started – I highly suggest a solid at home integration of your passion and goals. Below are a few tips for improving your quest to learn martial arts at home. Please feel free to add more of your own ideas in the comments.

A martial arts school is the structured environment that is created through discipline. One of the big things I value is this: when kids come in to the school, I try to break down the barriers of wealth and privilege by putting them same uniform. This creates the sense that everyone has the same status in the school; training and rank has its privilege through hard work, not through the fact that you have more money or more financial power than another child. The kids are all treated equally regardless of their backgrounds. The school is very structured, so we can teach values such as treating each other with courtesy and respect.

Here is the answer: one is not better than the other. You need to develop both speed and power to the best of your abilities. You will have to contend with the speed and power of the opponent you are dealing with. Really, you cannot be a fighter or a martial artist without some level of speed and power. The distribution is not always evenly present. Quite honestly, no fighters really develop 50/50 levels of power and skill. You do not need even distribution of speed and power. You need to work drills designed to enhance speed and power. The end result would be a fighter that understands the strengths and limitations of his own attributes and how to use those attributes effectively.

I recommend that you throw 10 roundhouse with each leg on the heavy bag, rest for one minute, and then repeat. For the best results, start with 3 sets and work up from there. After your feet toughen up and get used to striking the bag, 5-10 sets, three times per week will create devastating power in your roundhouse kick.

The total body workout is another huge benefit to kung fu training in kolkata. In a full class you will typically work everything, from your legs, abs, arms, chest, cardio, and more. If your doing kicks for instance you are using your legs and abs, punches start with your feet on the floor up through your whole body. When grappling you are using literally every muscle you have, or at least pretty close!

? Find out when your next rank promotion test will be held and what material will probably be tested. This can be an easy task. Just ask your instructor and get a copy of the school’s grading syllabus and write the date of your next test in your schedule.

If someone does grab you, do not pull away. Instead, push into them to throw them off balance. This may be enough to get them to loosen their grip and then you can run away.

You can’t help but laugh — There is a very serious aspect to any form of martial arts training and part of that is out of respect for the training, the trainers and your fellow students. Yet the rest of the time there is plenty of opportunity to laugh and have a good time as well.

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