A Second Mortgage Is The Second Loan That Has Been Secured Against Your Home

Well, the elections are over. As bad as the economy has been, we can only hope that our change in leadership will make it better. Having said that, now that the elections are history, can YOU sell your house? You know the one I’m talking about. The one that, in this buyers market, you’ve been trying to unload for who knows how long with no luck whatsoever. Well, in order to answer this question, one would have to have a crystal ball. Truth is, there is no way to tell if our new leadership is going to right the ship that has practically sunk the housing market.

After the house tour, your realtor will probably ask about your likes and dislikes. Share with your realtor your major likes/dislikes such as, “The house had the 3 bedrooms we need, but it only had one bath.” Unless you were completely turned-off by the house, you don’t have to make a decision right away. Instead, return to your home and review your likes/dislikes list against what you need in a house.

The reason this is my favorite real estate strategy is because I love residual income. Creating something once that pays you for the rest of your life is the smartest thing you can do financially. All my rich mentors made this lesson very clear to me.

HUD does have special requirements on the $100 down payment hud Granville real estate for sale. All buyers must live in the property for a least one year and is not available to investors. The buyer must offer the full asking price of the HUD home and the buyer must use an FHA loan for the purchase of the hudhome. You must also meet the qualifications for an FHA-insured loan.

It doesn’t cost the homeowner any money to attempt a short sale, except a little time and effort in gathering the proper documentation the lender requires. In addition, as an investor when I buy a property through a short sale, I cover all closing costs, so a homeowner is not asked to come out of pocket any money whatsoever.

Broadcast radio and TV ads-Yes, some may be too expensive. But don’t rule it out completely. Both radio and TV have massive reach and there are deals out there. The key is, if you do go with these mediums, use them regularly. Frequency beats reach-so don’t buy for just a one-shot deal.

If you live in a tight area, make sure that you let the next day dumpster company know ahead of time. Some dumpster companies will not be able to accommodate you whereas others have smaller trucks that can easily deliver the dumpster for you.

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A Second Mortgage Is The Second Loan That Has Been Secured Against Your Home

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